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The most popular latches are spring latches, consisting of a bracket on one surface and a notched plate on the other surface connected to the bracket by a pin. Latches are mechanical devices that affix two distinct parts together to stop them from moving or opening. They are made to be opened and closed frequently and with some ease, but they also offer a robust and secure closure when they are in place. Read More…

Spring Latches Spring latches, commonly located on doors and hinged panels, make use of a tightly coiled spring to fasten two ordinarily separated components.

Hardware Mfg. supplies stock inventory parts in addition to creating custom components for OEM and resellers. We work with a number of different industries such as agriculture, drug tablet, livestock, truck equipment, conveyors, and more.

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Specializing in custom-made hinges is what Hinge & Hardware is known for. We also stock certain types of standard models to round out the availability for our customers. The aforementioned are available as mild steel, aluminum and stainless. We also have a wider hardware line that includes door seals, gaskets, handles, a variety of latches and enclosure hardware.

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At PROTEX® we offer light to heavy-duty fasteners, handles, flush latches, case fittings, bandclamps, catch plates and more. We manufacture a large range of over centre fasteners often known as draw latches/toggle clamps/catches/over centre toggle fasteners.


Cabinet latches are our specialty! We are located in Torrington, CT but we are committed to serving our customers wherever they may need us! All of our products go through extensive and intensive testing to ensure that we are providing our customers with only the best possible products. For more information on what we can do for you visit our website today or get in touch via email or telephone!

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If your product application requires the finest in engineered latches, then TriMark has the solution for you. Choose from single or multi-rotor, compression, deadbolt, sliding bolt, slam action, pin type and more, all made to the highest standards to meet your expectations. Trust TriMark’s more than 50 years of expertise and earned reputation for quality latches, hinges, handles, locks and keys

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These spring latches are locked with a spring compression, preventing vibration from causing them to release. In addition, the arm is composed of stainless steel, making it rustproof, and the tightening force is adequate.

Due to their simplicity and convenience, spring latches are among the most popular kinds of industrial latches. Almost every home, office, and commercial or industrial structure with door latches has these. Due to how frequently they are used, spring latches, made of steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, are frequently seen in high-visibility and high-traffic places. A spring clip keeps a bolt in place, and it snaps into a locked position when it is released to unlock the bolt. When closed, this kind of door typically locks itself.

These spring latches are locked with a spring compression, preventing vibration from causing them to release. The arm is composed of stainless steel, making it rustproof, and the tightening force is adequate. Because it has a built-in strong spring claw toggle lock, it can be used with vibration equipment. Steel or 201 stainless steel, or 304 stainless steel, are the two different materials used in spring latches. These spring-loaded latches' finish options include nickel, chrome, and zinc plating. The spring latch, frequently used on hinged doors and panels, is dependable and affordable. The specific barrel bolt fastener has numerous useful uses in the industrial equipment and electronic cabinet sectors. The spring latch is perfect for inspection doors and access panels because of its smooth, trouble-free movement, simple accessibility, and secure closure.

spring latch

Types of Spring Latches

Spring latches come in different sizes and types based on the application; below are the types of spring latches.

Spring Hook Latches

To account for gasket "set" over time or different mating tolerances, heavy-duty spring hook latches will engage both strikes and integral cover flanges or lips. For unique applications, hook options include vinyl coating and a range of diameters. The spring hook latch is perfect for canister applications because it has a curved latch base as one of its mounting choices.

It is simple to adjust the trigger to keep the latch open. First, the trigger is released, allowing the latch to close without further movement from the operator as the sling shackle is inserted into the hook or removed. When used appropriately, the latch trigger can lessen or even eliminate an operator's propensity to interfere with the latch by temporarily securing anything with tape, zip ties, or another item, promoting a faster and safer load setup. In addition, the hook latch trigger can be quickly mounted on various pre-existing hooks.

spring hook latch

Benefits of Spring Hook Latches

  • can lessen the chance of back, finger, and hand injuries when adding or taking out a load attachment
  • In addition, load attachments can separate from hooks without jeopardizing safety.
  • reduces the potential for load decreases brought on by latch adjustment

Compression Spring Latches

Compression springs match tolerances, account for a gasket set, and supply precise tensions for watertight and airtight seals. Medical, military, aerospace, industrial, and scientific applications are among their applications.

Benefits of Compression Spring Latches

  • seals out dust and water
  • quick to install and operate
  • multiple actuator and handle options
  • eliminates vibration and noise
  • key lock and tool security options

Spring Toggle Latches

Because it has a built-in strong spring claw toggle lock, it can be used with vibration equipment. The spring-loaded latch mechanism helps archive the task quickly and effortlessly. Toggle latches are a practical way to swiftly and simply close and fasten lids, doors, and panels while providing easy access to open them. The toggle catch is also known as an over-center fastening, a spring claw latch, and a draw latch.

The toggle catch is a user-friendly, dependable, strong, and highly stable fastener in a closed or locked position. A spring toggle latch allows hassle-free, quick-release opening in a matter of seconds and typically only needs one hand to flip back the latch. Catch plates, strikes, and split pins are optional extras that can be added to spring toggle latches to help lock the closed latch.

spring toggle latch

Advantages of Spring Toggle Latches

  • Spring toggle latches can secure fastening.
  • They are durable.
  • They can withstand any extreme environment.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They don't require extensive maintenance.

Applications of Spring Toggle Latches

The spring latches are widely used in the following applications:

  • ventilation and air conditioning industrial enclosures
  • metal cutting, garden equipment
  • specially-equipped vehicles
  • industrial enclosures
  • automotive industry applications
  • containers and machine tools
  • industrial machinery, machine tools
  • farm equipment
  • industrial machinery
  • automobiles and trucks
  • cases, construction equipment

Choosing the Proper Spring Latch Manufacturer

To ensure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing spring latches from a spring latch manufacturer, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of spring latch manufacturers. Each spring latch manufacturer has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each spring latch business website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple spring latch companies with the same form.

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